Negamco (originally Nemadji) has been around since the late 1950's.  After an initial run of the Basketball game in 1959 the company merged with the Big League Manager company and for most of it's original run was distributed and produced in conjunction with that game.  While the same company produced both games they marketed the Negamco series of games as the "little brother" to the Big League Manager series since they were simpler and less expensive games.   To my knowledge the games were available only through mail order.   The company stopped producing new season sets in the 1990s. 

negamco baseball game teams 1962 + atg world series

I am by no means a Negamco expert but it seems likely to me that this is a very early (probably 1st) printing of the 1962(61) edition of the game.  The pitcher charts included with this copy have a 1960 copyright and the Out Chart / Home Run Chart and Out Definitions Chart / Rules are copyrighted 1959.   The box has a Box 1 Duquette address with no zip code, the roster sheets are printed on a tanned manilla, the scoresheets are on newsprint paper and included with the game is a then-current price list with a 201 PO Box address rubber stamped over the original Box 1 address.  All of these are very different than what you find with the later re-issues of the game.  

negamco baseball game teams 1962 + atg world series

At the end of the 1961 season the leagues expanded.  For some reason the company decided to organize the players according to the rosters for the upcoming 1962 season (see the Mets roster above).  So while the stats reflect what the players did during the 1961 season, they are not listed on the rosters of the teams they played with in 1961.  If you want to simulate the 1961 season you'll need to put the players with the correct teams.  One other item of note is that the company used a different set of charts for the early editions of the game (1959-1963 editions) so this game includes those early charts.  If you want to play the game using later teams you will need to get a hold of the post 1963 charts. 

The game also includes 8 All Time Great World Series teams (1927 Yankees / Pirates, 1934 Cardinals / Tigers, 1948 Indians / Braves, the 1917 White Sox and the 1929 A's).  Unlike the 1961 rosters which consist of 5 sheets with 4 teams per sheet, these World Series teams are printed one team to a sheet.

negamco baseball game teams 1962 + atg world series

The game parts are in VERY GOOD condition.   The game is 100% complete.  It includes all the parts that originally came with this edition of the game.  The rosters have a few pencil notations on them.  Some of the charts have suffered staining from exposure over the years but the game does not appear to have been played with much at all.  Overall I would grade the game parts 6 on a 10 scale (see condition guide below).  

negamco baseball game parts 1962

The game box is in GOOD-POOR condition.   It is missing one small section of an apron and all the corners are split.  There are a few stains but nothing major.  No writing.  I would grade it a 2-3 on a 10 scale (see condition guide below).

negamco baseball game box

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MINT (10):
 I will only give this grade to brand new, unused items. NEAR MINT (9):  Shows virtually no use.  Seldom if ever played.   Perhaps some very light handling creases to the instructions or other minor flaws with the game parts.  Boxes will have only the slightest hint of shelf wear.   EXCELLENT (7-8): The game has seen some use but it was obviously well taken care of.  Game parts might have some light handling creases or other signs of careful use.  Board might have just a hint of color loss or dented corners.  Boxes will have light rubbing to the artwork or perhaps some minor dishing or a very light stain.   VERY GOOD (5-6):  The game was not especially well cared for but it still has faired pretty well.  Game parts will show obvious use but nothing will be torn, badly stained or have any serious damage.  Box may have some rubbing, light staining, dishing, 1 or 2 neatly split corners, minor writing and/or a few pieces of tape.  No major structural damage and artwork will still be generally attractive.  GOOD (3-4): Obviously no care was taken with the game but it is still playable as is.  Game parts show considerable use but the game is complete with all parts in usable condition.  Box may have staining, writing, split corners, dishing and/or other structural damage but it will be intact and still usable.   POOR (1-2):  Only suitable to fill a space in your collection.  Game will be missing parts (these will be noted).  Box will have serious damage and may be missing aprons or badly torn.

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