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Handheld Electronic Game 
Complete In Original Box

Conic was one of the many electronic game producers who jumped on the bandwagon when Mattel hit it big in the late 1970's. To be fair most of their games were slightly better than those issued by Mattel and Coleco but they did not offer anything truly innovative. Incidentally, nowhere on the game unit, box or instructions, does it state who manufactured this version of the game. It is however widely known that Conic was in fact the manufacturer.

conic basketball handheld electronic game console front

conic basketball handheld electronic game console back

The game console is in EXCELLENT condition. All buttons, switches and sounds work as they should. Battery cover is present and battery compartment is clean. Just some minor scuffing, particularly on the label on the back. I would grade it 7 on a 10 scale (see condition guide below).

conic basketball handheld electronic game parts

The game parts are in VERY GOOD-EXCELLENT condition. The instructions have some creases from being carelessy stuffed into the box, but no tears, stains or writing. The foam inserts are in great shape. I would grade the parts 6-7 on a 10 scale (see condition guide below).

conic basketball handheld electronic game box front

The game box is in EXCELLENT condition. There is some light crushing and a few small chips on the corners and edges. No stains or writing. All flaps are intact. One small tear where the flap attaches at the top of the box. The foam inserts are in great shape. I would grade the box a 7 on a 10 scale (see condition guide below).

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MINT (10):
 I will only give this grade to brand new, unused items. NEAR MINT (9):  Shows virtually no use.  Seldom if ever played.   Perhaps some very light scuffing to the back of the console.  Packing materials, instructions and other paperwork will show almost no signs of handling.  Boxes will have only the slightest hint of shelf wear.   EXCELLENT (7-8): The game has seen some use but it was obviously well taken care of.  Console will have more noticable scuffing, maybe light wear visible on the screen or in the button area.  Paperwork may have some light handling creases.  Packing materials may have a light stain or small chips but will be intact and free cracking.  Boxes will have light rubbing to the artwork, perhaps some minor creasing, small tears on the flaps or a small stain.   VERY GOOD (5-6):  The game was not especially well cared for but it still has faired pretty well.  Some obvious scuffing from play but all labels intact and readable.  Perhaps a very minor chip on the edge.  Paperwork will have some handling creases and may be lightly stained or have some writing.  Original packing materials may be damaged but will be intact.  Box will have some rubbing, light staining, creasing, small tears, minor writing and/or a few pieces of tape.  Might have a missing flap.  No major structural damage and artwork will still be generally attractive.  GOOD (3-4): Obviously no care was taken with the game but it is still playable as is.  Console will show heavy use but will not be seriously damaged in any way.   May have a few burnt out LED but is still playable as is.  Paperwork will have heavy handling wear and may be torn and taped back together.  Box may have staining, writing, heavy creases, tears and/or other structural damage but it will be intact and still usable.   POOR (1-2):  Only suitable to fill a space in your collection.  Game may be seriously damaged or inoperable.  Paperwork will be badly torn.  Box will have major damage.

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