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Tudor Electric Football Team
Haiti White Shoes

tudor electric football team CHICAGO BEARS WHITE JERSEY

tudor electric football team CHICAGO BEARS WHITE JERSEY

A complete set of Haiti players with white shoes in NEAR MINT condition. The photo shows the actual team that you will receive, it is not a stock photo. I do have numbers available to include with this team upon request but they may not be vintage numbers. I would grade this set a 9 on a 10 scale (see condition guide below - the quality of the factory paint job is not factored into the grading).

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NOTE:  The grading scale below is designed to measure wear and defects.  It does not take into account the quality of the factory paint job.  If you would like me to give you an assessment of the paint job drop me an email and I will be glad to oblige.  

MINT (10):  I will only give this grade to brand new, unused items. NEAR MINT (9):   Other than the fact that they were removed from the bag they are as new and free of casting flaws.  EXCELLENT (7-8): These were played with but very lightly.  Perhaps 1 or 2 players have minor paint wear to the fingertips, a slight curl to the base, or have minor casting flaws that can be easily cleaned up (excess plastic)  VERY GOOD (5-6): The players were not especially well cared for but are not badly worn either.  There may be some paint wear to the fingertips of a number of players, a couple players may be yellowed (either from use or from an unclean casting), perhaps 1 player may have a "lean" or a more serious casting flaw (such as a hole caused by an air bubble).  GOOD (3-4):Obviously no care was taken with this team.  Numerous players will have paint wear, yellowing or casting flaws, a couple may be "leaners" but all players are still fully intact with no breaks.  POOR (1-2):  Only suitable to fill a space in your collection.  Will have heavy wear, probably including some broken players.

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